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Sustaincia Tea Talk present latest Macau air quality research

Ever wondered how Macao Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau forecasts air quality? PhD student Thomas Lei from University of Saint Joseph present his Particulate Matter (PM10 & PM2.5) analysis and forecast model.

The Tea Talk was organized in collaboration with Hong Kong Data Lab, a group doing hands-on data science in Macau.

Let's launch sustainability with data science!

可持續發展協會 茶聚會 展示澳門最新的空氣質量研究

有沒有深思過 澳門氣象地球物理局 如何預測空氣質量? 澳門聖約瑟大學博士生 李旻達 介紹他對顆粒物(PM10&PM2.5)的分析和預測模型。

茶聚會 是與 香港數據實驗室 合作舉辦,小組正在做澳門的數據科學。


Collaboration with Macao Institute for Tourism Studies (IFTM) Event Club
Thanks to IFTM Event Club for arranging meeting with sustaincia, we have some practical collaborative ideas especially the sustainability survey, Tea Talk and connection with IFTM in general. Let's launch student sustainability!

感謝 IFTM 會展學會 安排與 可持續發展協會 的會議,我們提出了一些實踐合作想法,尤其是可持續性調查,品茶會以及與IFTM的聯繫。 讓我們啟動學生的可持續發展!
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