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One of the biggest deals any company has made to date to draw down carbon dioxide emissions
Microsoft just backed a big plan to capture carbon dioxide emissions from a wood-burning power plant. Today, the tech giant announced a deal with Danish energy company Ørsted to purchase credits representing 2.76 million metric tons of carbon dioxide captured at Ørsted’s Asnæs Power Station over 11 years.
details at
A study about water purification using reverse osmosis published in April, proved that the once-frustrating assumption about how water moves through a membrane is, indeed, wrong
Elimelech’s team replace it with a “solution-friction” theory that water molecules travel in clusters through tiny, transient pores within the polymer, which exert friction on them as they pass through. The physics of that friction matter, because understanding it could help people design membrane materials or structures that make desalination more efficient or better at screening out undesirable chemicals
Uplifting look at improvement in solar power generation price and technology combine with synthetic fuel

... the solar cost threshold of interest? One barrel of oil contains about 1.7 MWh of chemical energy. Synthesizing a barrel of oil requires about 5.7 MWh of electricity at 30% conversion efficiency. Crude oil prices are between $60 and $100/barrel, indicating cost parity at between $10 and $17/MWh. There are already solar farms installed in some places that sell power at these prices, and between now and 2030 solar costs should come down at least another 60%

article link
World Environment Day 2022
June 5, 2022 (Sunday)
USJ Ilha Verde Campus Macao 1400-1700

Free event and open to public, a wholesome family day event
A new activity call "Sustaincia Spelling Sprint" was held to play and learn about sustainable for all ages.
There were also presentation about Bio-plastic and recycling.
Renewable Energy -> CO2 capture -> Hybrid + Electric Vehicle
可再生能源 -> 二氧化碳捕獲 -> 混合動力 + 電動汽車
video explainer
Book series on the data science of epidemic
Authors: Joao Alexandre Lobo Marques, Francisco Nauber Bernardo Gois, José Xavier-Neto, Simon James Fong

Showcases how artificial intelligence has been used to support the fight against COVID-19. Presents the benefits and limitations of the predictive models implemented during the epidemic. Advises on how these tools may be better used in the future

Predictive Models for Decision Support in the COVID-19 Crisis
Epidemic Analytics for Decision Supports in COVID19 Crisis




2019年澳門人文發展指數 -含預期壽命、教育、收入 為0.922p,處於極高水平。社會治安狀況保持穩定良好。澳門實行低稅率和簡單稅制政策,職業税和所得補充稅上限為12%;投資財產方面,不設資產增值稅。澳門為來自世界各地的投資者提供公平競爭的投資環境,同時實施一系列鼓勵投資的政策,包括向投資者提供各項稅務和財務優惠

The "Talent Introduction System" survey will help promote the moderately diversified development of Macao's economy
Some think that it is necessary to improve the talent introduction measures, especially the impact of Macao's single industry economy under the pandemic

Research to increase scholarships for new industry disciplines, strengthen linkages with companies in surrounding areas, and provide more internship programs

The SAR government is building a new talent introduction system. It plans to first introduce leaders and senior professionals needed for the development of the four new industries of big health, modern finance, high-tech and culture and sports. With the help of their technology, experience and market network, to jump start and support local industry and industry development

In 2019, the Macao Humanities Development Index (including life expectancy, education and income) was 0.922p, which is a very high level. The social security situation remained stable and sound. Macao implements a low tax rate and a simple tax system, with occupational tax and supplementary income tax capped at 12%; for investment properties, there is no asset value-added tax. Macau provides a fair and competitive investment environment for investors from all over the world, and at the same time implements a series of policies to encourage investment, including various tax and financial incentives for investors.
Guandong-Macau In-depth Cooperation Base Integrated Services Center is now open
Two offices in Macau and Hengqin to help both Macau and mainland entrepreneurs enter into the zone under "cross-border single process, one place two registrations" - detail presentation in Chinese
The world’s biggest offshore wind farm, Hornsea 2, generates first power
Hornsea 2’s 165 8 MW Siemens Gamesa wind turbines will be capable of generating 1.32 GW of clean electricity – taking the title of ‘world’s largest operating offshore wind farm’
Securities, fintech and venture capital professionals prioritised in new Macau resident scheme to attract top talents

... three-year residence permit for highly qualified professionals over 21 years of age that could help the city diversify its economy away from gaming... in the four priority areas of Big Health, modern finance, high-end technology, and culture and sport article

This scheme should extend to new graduates from PhD, masters and undergrad
Recycled Lithium Batteries as Good as Newly Mined

A new study shows that battery and carmakers needn't worry. The results shows that batteries with recycled cathodes can be as good as, or even better than those using new state-of-the-art materials. link to source article

Specifically, 1 Ah cells with the recycled LiNi1/3Mn1/3Co1/3O2 have the best cycle life result reported for recycled materials and enable 4,200 cycles and 11,600 cycles at 80% and 70% capacity retention, which is 33% and 53% better than the state-of-the-art, commercial LiNi1/3Mn1/3Co1/3O2. Meanwhile, its rate performance is 88.6% better than commercial powders at 5C. link to study
Cross border carbon offset trading kept on record using blockchain technology

Cyberdyne Tech Exchange (CTX) (a regulated digital green exchange from Singapore) will soon debut cross-border trading of its proprietary Carbon Neutrality Tokens (CNTs) to be backed by the carbon credits of China, the world's largest carbon market.

Transparent, immutable, accessible internationally, all-party verifiable are properties of records on blockchain which means make it very suitable for this kind of exchange.
link to source article

Sustaincia exhibited at the MIECF 2021

A three days online event showcasing projects and experts from around the world

MIECF - The Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum & Exhibition hosted by the Government of the Macao Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China and co-organised by the governments of the Pan-Pearl River Delta Region (PPRD) with the theme:

Towards a Green and Low Carbon New Era

Key Points
00:00 Summary of 1st day talks at MIECF 2021
00:50 Projects Snapshot
01:00 Association Successful Model, Grassroot Effort
03:20 New Member Joining Process



MIECF - 澳門國際環境合作論壇暨展覽會由澳門特別行政區政府主辦 中華人民共和國,泛珠三角地區(PPRD)政府協辦,主題為:


00:00 MIECF 2021 第一天演講總結
00:50 項目快照
01:00 協會成功典範,草根工作
03:20 新會員加入流程

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World's first Luxembourg + Hong Kong + Macau multi markets bond issue

The finance project was announced on August 11 with an initial price guideline of 3.3%, and it was favored by a large number of international investors, including well-known insurance, large asset management, funds and other types of global fixed income investors. This peaked at more than 3.5 billion U.S. dollars, and recorded 8.75 times oversubscription. The strong momentum significantly narrow the final price guide by 50 basis points. The price is priced at a yield of 2.8%, setting a record of overseas US dollar bonds for provincial-level enterprises in the central and western regions of China in the same year. The lowest issue yield record. The final order book size of this bond issuance is US$3.1 billion, including orders from 76 high-quality professional investment institutions in Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe and other countries and regions. This new issuance by Sichuan Development fully reflects the recognition and affirmation of the corporate strength and credit status of Sichuan Development by the international capital market.



Source Standard Charter China 渣打中国

Modular Repairable Up-Gradable Laptop is here - brings the ability to build + repair laptop will help prolong product lifecycle and help reduce e-waste. Nations are already starting to put into law the right to repair, so manufacturers have no excuse.

We had previously discuss about this and how the industry can benefit.

模塊化 可修復 可升級 筆記本電腦準備好了 - 帶來DIY + 維修筆記本電腦能力 將有助於延長產品生命週期並有助於減少電子垃圾。 各國已經開始將維修權納入法律,因此製造商再沒有任何藉口了。

我們 之前討論過這個 以及該行業如何受益。
Innovative pandemic science projects by Macao's students
31 selected projects exhibition run by Macao Joint School Science Exhibition Preparation Committee Showcasing original ideas for new disinfecting methods, spread prevention design with 3D printed models, safe sanitation chemistry, automate cleaning robotics, broad education with games, health solutions during isolation and other disease control applications.


澳門聯合學校科學展覽籌備委員會MJSSE.org展覽31個選定項目。 展示有關新消毒方法,採用3D打印模型進行的防擴散設計,安全衛生化學,自動清潔機器人技術,通過遊戲進行廣泛疾病教育 ,隔離期間的健康解決方案以及其他疾病控制應用程序原創應用。
UNESCO Report on Engineering for Sustainable Development

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization UNESCO, Chinese Academy of Engineering and Tsinghua University released a 183 pages report highlighting engineering's role in achieving a more sustainable world. With topics in equality, environment, education, and regional trends.


聯合國教育,科學及文化組織教科文組織,中國工程院和清華大學發布了183頁的報告,著重介紹了工程學在實現更可持續發展的世界中的作用。 主題涉及平等,環境,教育和區域趨勢。
Take a trip around the world
City Guesser at help people experience places around of the world while in lockdown. Take a relaxing trip anytime with almost zero carbon footprint.
Sustaincia reporting submissions appears on facebook

To encourage engagement on social media platforms, all new approved submissions here will also appear on our page
Sustainable body billboards

Sustaincia helps anyone make stylish logo, memorable slogan and creatively re-apply on garment to increase brand awareness, members can even choose where to place pattern, all without more pressure to the environment.

Just contact our members to start
How to De-carbonization Everything

20 mins discussion of concrete plans to goals
Sustaincia Podcast Ep7

GMO food testing by Bashir
Bank biodiversity awareness demanded by governments after covid
Last year, the world’s 50 biggest banks provided $2.6tn (£1.9tn) in loans and other credit to sectors with a high impact on biodiversity, such as forestry and agriculture. Bank by bank, the report authors found a cavalier ignorance of – or indifference to – the implications, with the vast majority unaware of their impact on biodiversity ... the World Economic Forum (WEF)... found that for the first time environmental risks dominated perceived business threats. ... Smart financial institutions are aware that biodiversity regulation is coming.
guardian article
Sustaincia Podcast Ep6

Sustainable smart city platform in development @
direct video download
Macau DSPA Environmental Report maps out opportunities

An original sustaincia article 獨家文章

Air quality, Water quality, Solid waste management, Nature protection, Noise pollution and Participation. The data in the report builds a map in which cooperative pioneers/trailblazers can navigate and head out to tackle these areas...Article in English
空氣質量、水質、固體廢物管理、自然保護、噪音污染和參與... 如同獲得了一幅地圖,能夠辨識出當前澳門的環境保護問題所在...中文文章
Sustaincia Podcast Ep5

Celebrate Bashir's sustainable lifestyle!
Artistic breakdown of everyday objects

Before you throw that pen away, think about all the component sources that must come together. If possible, try to disassemble broken pens and recombine to let them last longer.

Check out how many components there are in:
- a fire extinguisher
- a typewriter
- a computer
Guangdong Namyue Group Sustainability Report
Cross border enterprise with businesses in large scale environmental, medicine, vehicle waste management, building management, and livelihood projects in Macau. - 2019 Report

Other Guangdong state owned enterprise sustainability reports
Macau starts public consultation on city master plan 2020- 2040
Between Sept 4 - Nov 2, the public can submit their views on making the city a Happy, Smart, Sustainable, Resilient city.
This will go into the master plan being drafted by Macau Urban Planning Commission.
Plan brochue
More details
Sustaincia Podcast Ep4 - 附中文字幕

Bringing scientific approaches and sustainable culture to sustaincia
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Environment Bureau (ENB) of Hong Kong launch graduates subsidy programme under Green Employment Scheme
subsidise private companies to employ fresh graduates working in areas related to environmental protection, ecological conservation, green energy and energy conservation, climate change, sustainable development and more
details from
Annular Solar Eclipse over South China 2020, June 21
See ring shaped sun starting at 14:45, next solar eclipse (total) will have to wait until 2034
日偏食天象要來澳門喇 - 澳門國際科技產業發展協會
Sustainable and Cost effective water treatment
John Todd of Ocean Ark International uses biological components from natural systems to purify toxic sewage
excerpt from his 2019 book and
with twelve principles of ecological design
Macau Environment Status Report 澳門環境狀況報告 2019

Issued by Environmental Protection Agency of Macau, important for next 10 years planning, providing statistics and analysis of air, water, waste, noise and population situation.
Download 72 pages report
Sustaincia Podcast Ep3 - 附中文字幕

An open sustainable platform
澳門科學館 廣東話在線教程
- 樹莓派低價单片机電腦
- Python 编程语言
- Arduino 微控制器
- 圖形設計
- 關於機器人
- 物理科學
- 屏幕截圖教程
這平台也建議使用共享許可圖像來代表可持續項目 -- 訪問首頁
我們還開始建立可共享的照片數據庫來代表我們的環境 -- 訪問
All electric maiden flight offers zero emission short hop travel
proves that small all-electric aircraft can feasibly and economically operate short routes that airlines long ago abandoned
article link
Sustaincia Podcast Ep2

Let's create "better" Macao community altogether!
Macau hosts International Environment Crisis Management Forum and Exhibition
Collaborative governance against disaster and disease
more details and schedule
Solar Energy Costs has been falling faster than anyone expected
It now makes more financial sense to build solar plants than fossil plants.
critic and analysis of past forecasts - ramez naam
Reporters Recognition
Sustainability at Home
Procter & Gamble household product maker points out increase water and hygiene products usage and suggest tips
article link
Sustaincia Podcast Ep1

Don't throw it away yet! The future is to fix it.
relevant links
Andrew Kortina - I, Backpack
Fairphone - sustainable smartphones
Wynn worldwide sustainability site press release site
Wynn Macau sustainability report
Entertainment and hotel service industry Full Report
Nike vs MTR
What are the Differences?
Full Report
BioFuel Reporting
Are all Fuel good for us?
Macau CEM sustainability report
A local Macau company effort - 2018 Report
Nike sustainability
A leading company in sustainability
2019 Impact Report
MTR world wide sustainability
Transportation sustainability
2018 Sustainability Report
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