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This is a great group specifically for sustainability-related activities and a platform to mingle with one another, chat about the latest trends and share interesting projects and case studies. The quality of our online communities depends on the attitudes and behaviors we bring to it. A summary of the code of conduct and legal issues for Sustaincia members are as follows:

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  1. Policies on Sustaincia

    Local and international policies/rules which govern the extent of activities in Sustaincia and information sourcing/sharing must be abided by all members and cooperative groups/parties.
  2. Cooperation with other groups

    Sustaincia platform is created for sustainable development and sustainability-related activities. The platform is opened to any interested organization/company for cooperation and sustainability-related activities.
  3. Disclaimer rights

    Sustaincia is a platform with great interest in sustainable development and related activities. Therefore, any project ideas/information shared on sustaincia platform are opened for all members and the general public for use or reproduce.
  4. Politics

    As a sustainability-related organization, Sustaincia is impartial to politics and any politically motivated movement/cause. The disclaimer advises all members that sharing political campaigns and other politics-related issues is not allowed. Such posts will immediately be removed by the admin without prior notice.
  5. Abuse/harassment

    Sustaincia aspires to create a platform for serendipity and mutual benefits for all members and other cooperation groups. The organization (sustaincia) is intolerant to harassment and abuse of whatsoever in the cause of interaction and sharing ideas. All members deserve mutual respect and accolade.
  6. Criticism

    As a platform for serendipity and ideas sharing among members, it is likely to have a contradiction/conflict towards an opinion by some members. Such criticism should be tendered and as constructive as possible. Remember, it is okay to disagree and respecting one another is civil.
  7. Stick to the mission

    Sustaincia welcomes ideas sharing, interaction, and sustainability-related activities and should be done within the boundary stipulated. Sustaincia is neither a platform for personal affairs (self or friends) sharing nor for adverts/promotion or job posting, general jokes and cartoons.
  8. Be mindful

    Always keep in mind that messages you post will land into someone’s phone/computer. Be sensible not to post opinions on religion, personal attacks, politics, and any controversial subjects that could cause embarrassment to others.
  9. Complaints

    Sustaincia creates an inclusive environment for every voice and hence freedom of speech. Sustaincia also entertains any issues/complaints arising from its members and such complaints should be channeled to the admin for appropriate actions.
  10. Legal actions

    Sustaincia has the right to self-protection against false accusations and defamation. Appropriate legal actions would be taken against any harassment, false accusations and/or defamation.